Love Transformation

It's time to draw to you the love you deserve.

Learn to create a new relationships and heal existing ones. 

About the Package

3 Transformational Sessions

We will meet for 3 transformational sessions where I’ll look at your ability to let love in & creating lasting love in your life. 


To help you get the most out of our time together there are exercises and homework that will help anchor in the learning & transformation

One Soul Healing Session

An additional session where we will meet and do deep soul healing to help bridge the gap between knowing and being.

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Our Time Together:

Session 1:

We will meet for an hour and look into how you accept love and romantic attention in your life 

Session 2:

We will work on your energetic debt when it comes to love and past and preset love story. 

Session 3:

We will work through any blocks that keep you from drawing and keeping the perfect partner, either known or unknown, in your life. 

Session 4:

We will go deep within your mind, body, and spirit to do a healing session. This anchors in your learning and work to create positive change. 

Limited Time offer:


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